Tuesday, June 1, 2010


By request, I am doing another post on being cheap. Now, for those of you with your minds in the gutter, remove them immediately.

E-meals.com was suggested yesterday as I was planning my meals and making the shopping list accordingly. After looking into it, I decided that my husband would not be happy with me spending $5/month for something I don't need. I have 3 shelves full of cookbooks. If the website generates a shopping list, it surely doesn't take into account what I already have in the building. The only local grocery store it does check sales for is Kroger. Well, we still have HEB and Village Foods. For my readers in Pensacola, Publix was on their list.

I try to plan from Wednesday to Wednesday when I am planning for a week at a time. Now, that may look strange. The reason for this is that we get our weekly grocery ads in the mail on Wednesdays. I can plan around the sales. This is good.

Coupons from the Sunday paper can also be good. Kroger occasionally runs 10/$10 sales on some things. If you have a coupon (or several), then you can get stuff for next to nothing. You can also print your own coupons online. A couple sites I have used are www.coupons.com and www.smartsource.com. There are probably more. If you know of one, please submit it as a comment!

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