Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Now That Things Are Getting Crazy

Howdy all!

Fall is definitely in full swing at Casa Johnston. Aggie Football starts back up this weekend (which will result in pizza night). Church orchestra rehearsal started back up tonight. I didn't go (again this year since Mama duty calls), but ideally my hubby and 2 sons will be going. One son and and my dad did go. Boy Scouts started back with weekly meetings a few weeks ago, and Cub Scouts will start back in a couple weeks. This means 2-3 nights each week that we'll be eating from the freezer (most likely).

My rule to survive this craziness with something resembling sanity is that on activity nights, I don't cook. There. I said it. We either eat leftovers or eat something from the freezer. Last night (Boy Scout night) it was spaghetti. The sauce was from the freezer, boil pasta, and voila. Tonight it was red beans and rice. Beans were pulled from the freezer this morning, make rice, and voila.

I freeze meals every chance I get. I will cook a double or triple batch of stuff (like spaghetti or beans) just to have extra for the freezer. I also freeze dirty rice and jambalaya. Those are in my freezer now. This week (since whole chickens are on sale again), I plan to get chicken pot pie filling in there.


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